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Performing Arts

There is a Star in every child waiting to be awakened! Cubs World Center offers a platform for your cub to not just shine on stage but also acquire life lessons through a range of courses in performing arts.

´╗┐Whether it is drama, dance or music children learn to express themselves and develop self-confidence to achieve bigger life goals.

Art is a form of expression and we provide this platform to express emotionally and logically.

Dance Classes

Mondays 4:30 pm

Dance is a performing art which is often seen as expressing joy of heart. Various dance forms demonstrate wide-ranging emotional expressions and a means of social interaction. It is also a form of exercise involving physical activities. Dancers are gifted with grace, elegance and striking posture.

Cubs World Center offers dance classes in different genres and for every age group. From Indian classical to Bollywood, Western and Hip Hop dance forms will help develop co-ordination, body control and sense of rhythm. Your cubs will grow in confidence and concentration levels.


Drama Classes

Saturdays 11:30 am

Cubs World Center is proud to introduce Story Nest, a development center that fosters confidence & beliefs in young minds thru the medium of storytelling. Our stories both adapted & original works are carefully selected to present the possible choices one may in real life!! Through the program, your child will be able to communicate effectively, interact confidently and develop self-esteem and enthusiasm.

    The course aims to develop in your child:
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and Positivity
  • Ongoing Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Social Interaction Skills

Music Classes

Tuesdays 10:00 am

Music tends to touch your heart and soul. It ticks the perfect emotional cord which gives a positive and pleasant vibe to each of us. Learning an instrument helps develop discipline, patience and mental skills. Learning music with similar age groups and interests will also help your cubs to enhance their social interaction, communication and ability to participate in teamwork.

Our trainers not just train but bring out a true passion in the students. The classes are conducted in a non-competitive and encouraging environment where children interact as well as perform as a team.