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Skill Development


Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. Handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters.

We help our students to develop this skill for best results in future.


Chess is the gymnasium of your mind. Educational values of chess involves focusing, visualization, forward thinking, analysing concretely and planning.
A study in United States involving more than 100 schools and 3,000 children showed higher grades in English and Math for children involved in chess.


In recent years there has been an increasing focus on the missing ‘‘T’’ of technology and ‘‘E’’ of engineering in early childhood STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) curricula. Robotics offers a playful and tangible way for children to engage with both T and E concepts during their foundation early childhood years.

Let you kids explore an engineer within themselves at an early age with the help of building simple robots. Your cubs will learn through graphical interpretation to programming.


Abacus is a method used by Chinese, Japanese and Koreans to improve mathematical skills.​

Abacus training helps provide students with control over brain wave patterns. This control will allow students to access the desirable brain wave pattern for the learning which is required.